Dear families,
Today your child was introduced to a new word sort in class. Your child will work with this sort for two weeks. Beginning tomorrow your child will receive homework related to their sort. Please check the top of the sort assignment for the due date. Do not return the sort assignment until the stated due date on the top of the homework. Thank you in advance for your help with ensuring your child’s success.

I am including two videos that would be helpful in preparing to help your child at home with the sort for tomorrow. Please watch both videos to get a better understanding of how the sorts are introduced in the classroom and how they should be practiced at home.

Attached you will find what a typical in class sort lesson for Words Their Way:

Attached you will find a brief video for how a typical at home sort would look:

Scholastic book orders are coming home today. You can access the website at

Our access code is GV43D

This week in reading we will continue to work on making inferences as we are reading. Making an inference is using what you know or see to come up with an idea about your book or character.

In science we are finishing up our unit on plant needs.

In writing we are beginning to publish our small moment stories. When we are finished I will be sending all their great work home!

In health class we will continue to talk about feelings, mixed feelings and how to react appropriately in difficult situations.

Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Hirsch