In reading, the students have begun to think about the characters in their books. By the end of this unit they will be able to identify and understand character traits, make inferences about their characters and show how characters change across the text.


Please encourage your child to practice their math facts for at least ten minutes every night. They should continue to practice basic facts using any fun and exciting tool such as, flash cards or other games. For other specific math news, please refer to your child’s math family letter.

G.U.M. (Grammar Usage & Mechanics)

The students have continued with their G.U.M. activities. We have been focusing on simple subjects and simple predicates.

From the Teacher’s Desk

It is important that your child reads every night. They are not required to complete a reading log but it is expected that your child reads every night for at least twenty minutes.

Social Studies

The 2nd graders have begun to learn about maps, their purposes, and how to use a map.


In writing we have been working on our How To books, and have begun to delve into All about books. Your child should be bringing home some of his or her writing. Feel free to celebrate it with them and/or continue to work on it.


ü 11/18 ½ Day Students dismissed at 12:05. Conferences 1-4, 5-8

ü 11/19 18 ½ Day Students dismissed at 12:05. Conferences 1-4, 5-8

ü If you have not signed up for a conference please contact your child’s teacher!

ü DRESS FOR THE WEATHER: Please be sure to send your child with appropriate outerwear for morning recess as well as lunch recess.

ü Student’s might want to keep an extra change of clothes in their locker in case they get wet at recess.

ü Please remember to send a healthy snack